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Dante’s Inferno print


The Dante’s Inferno print is an accurate reproduction of the original ink and charcoal artwork by Miriam Tritto.

Unnumbered and unsigned digital print.

Paper size: 42×29.7 cm.

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Dante’s Inferno print

Unnumbered and unsigned reproduction of the orginal artwork by Miriam Tritto dedicated to the V canto of the Dante’s Divine Comedy. This work of art has participated to Terzine incatenate dal Sommo Poeta collective exhibition at Spazio Papel art gallery in Milano. Dante’s Inferno illustration is realized on paper with ink and charcoal medium.


Dante's Inferno illustration by Miriam Tritto (detail)


The two descend into the second circle – the first circle where everlasting punishment is doled out. They meet Minos, the King who became a judge in the underworld in Greek mythology. He is the one who assigns which circle the soul will forever reside in. He too questions whether a living being can enter, but Virgil explains it as well. They have come to the circle of lust, where the souls that reside will be forever blown about by swirling, fierce winds, as birds are blown out in a storm. Dante meets the souls Francesca and Paolo, who committed adultery and then slain together by Francesca’s husband, who was also Paolo’s brother. Francesca explains the circumstances of how they fell into sin, all stemming from having read of a adulterous love affair in a book. Upon hearing this, Dante faints for the second time in three cantos. (Canto V)


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Dimensions42 × 29,7 cm


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