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Dante’s Purgatorio illustration


The Dante’s Purgatorio illustration is an original ink and charcoal artwork by Miriam Tritto.

Paper size: 42×29.7 cm.

Certificate of authenticity.

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Dante’s Purgatorio illustration

Original artwork by Miriam Tritto dedicated to the XXVIII canto of the Dante’s Divine Comedy. This work of art has participated to Terzine incatenate dal Sommo Poeta collective exhibition at Spazio Papel art gallery in Milano. Dante’s Purgatorio illustration is realized on paper with ink and charcoal medium.


Dante's Purgatorio illustration by Miriam Tritto (detail)


Dante now on top of the purgatorial mountain, where a forest is before him, wanders about exploring. The softest, gentlest breeze caresses him, and about him small birds sing “songs of joy.” Lost in the forest, echoing that very first canto from Inferno where he had lost his way, he stumbles upon a stream with the purest water he has ever seen. Across the bank and among the blossoms, he notices a pretty lady singing. He calls out to her to come closer so he can make out her song. The lady, who we will eventually learn her name as Matelda, turns towards him and approaches the stream so that now Dante can understand her song. She says she is there to answer all his questions, and she goes on to explain how this was the earthly paradise given to Adam and Eve. Matelda explains the breeze comes from heaven above, the abundant verdure, and of the fecundity of the holy ground. She reveals that there are two rivers, this one beside them called Lethe, and has the power to wipe away memories of sin, and another on the other side of the wood, Eunoe, that has the power to return all memories of good to consciousness.


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Dimensions42 × 29,7 cm


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