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Lumina Mundi print


The Lumina Mundi print is an accurate reproduction of the ink drawing by Miriam Tritto.

Unnumbered and unsigned digital print.

Paper size: 20×20 cm.

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Lumina Mundi print

The original drawing closes the trilogy dedicated to the spiritual lanterns that I imagined during the first lockdown. The Tower of Babel (especially the one represented by Bruegel) is one of my obsessions. At the time of its construction, men spoke only one language and had a common purpose. We are experiencing a moment of extended darkness, a generalized experience that brings us back to the memory of the separation of peoples and the confusion of language. In this uncertain time, I can think of nothing but this powerful image. At the top of the tower I placed the Anima Mundi, mother of all things, which, like a Master Builder, directs and watches over us; in one hand he holds the torch of hope, a symbol of union and brotherhood; in the other the bird that is the sum of all beings: the Simurgh of the Persian allegorical poem.

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Dimensions20 × 20 × 0,1 cm